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Official Braid walkthrough: Don't use a walkthrough


After finishing Braid yesterday afternoon (yeah, we like it that much) we found ourselves contemplating the game's beautiful, fragmented story. "What does it all mean?" we wondered. So, we decided to look for an FAQ that might help explain things a bit. After searching high and low, we found one in an unlikely place: the official Braid website. We eagerly clicked ahead. The first page detailed the very beginning of the game through the first puzzle piece. The second page begins thusly: "... once you get into the actual puzzles, solve them for yourself and do not use a walkthrough!"

The rest of the "walkthrough" goes on to note that all of the puzzles are "reasonable" and that we should be diligent in solving them without resorting to a walkthrough. D'oh! Duped by those crafty creators! We have to admit it's pretty funny though. Also, we heartily agree. If you are having trouble solving the puzzles in Braid, just stick to it. Move on to the next puzzle and come back later. Like the walkthrough says, "you will feel cool and smart" if you do.

We feel cool and smart. Now if someone could just help us understand the story, we'd be set.

[Via Joystiq]

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