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Star Wars Galaxies Producer Letter previews upcoming content

Michael Zenke

Dotakuni, the relatively-newly minted Producer for Star Wars Galaxies, dropped into the forums in anticipation of next week's Fan Faire event to let players know a bit about what's coming down the pipe. He talked up the panels aimed at SWG players next week, singling out the Galactic Assembly on Saturday night as the must-see event for the Faire. The TCG, Champions of the Force, is also mentioned, and he goes over a few of the 'types' of loot cards players will be receiving in their regular booster back ration. Speeders, Wearables, Paintings, Vendors, and even permanent buffs will be available in the first card set.

The Battle of Echo Base is also on Dotanuki's list, likely the most-anticipated content coming to Galaxies in some time. He describes the environment as massive, with the base being a 'labyrinth of tunnels and rooms'. Vehicle combat was something John Smedley mentioned in our talk with him back at E3, but Dotanuki notes he'll tell us precisely what vehicles will be involved in the battle next week. The Producer closes out his note with some intriguing hints about future events ... including one based around the Star Wars Holiday Special? Next week's Fan Faire will offer up plenty of great information for expectant fans.

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