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Suikoden title trademarked, but will it appear on PSP?

Nick Doerr

Normally, we'd slap a Suikoden story under the main PlayStation console, since all the other games have hit there. However, if you remember a while back, we caught wind that Suikoden VI was listed and removed as a PSP title. Now it appears Konami has trademarked a new title for a Suikoden game -- Tierkreis. This is German for "Zodiac", but it is unknown if this has any bearing to the game itself. Is this Suikoden VI? Is it the same one listed as for the PSP? Or is it the oft-rumored Suikoden 1 and 2 collection on its way to the PSP? Time will tell, but until we have more than a trademarked name, this is all speculation.

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