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Balance Board becomes interactive storytelling tool


Okay, it's kind of hard to figure out exactly what the Inscape software is -- the website describes it as "a unique integrating collaborative tool supporting a wide range of devices and media formats to enable digital content creators to plan, build, experience and publish interactive multimedia stories." We think it's software that allows you to import content and build an interactive framework for presenting it. We're imagining a PowerPoint with more stuff to do in the presentations, basically. Which means that it could be used for anything from visual novels to self-guided presentations to games.

Immersion, who is part of the consortium that works on InScape, has now added a Balance Board interface to the software, enabling whatever these interactive stories are to maintain a new level of, well, immersion. It's cool to see our little toy scale being used in what seems like a serious program. And it's especially cool to see any program "officially" supporting a Wii peripheral.

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