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Cabasse set to roll out flagship La Sphre speakers

Steven Kim

Long-time producer of round speakers, Cabasse is preparing for the North American debut of its reference La Sphère (we believe that's French for "The Sphere") model next week. The Fench firm has poured its 60-years of experience into these point-source radiators that cover the all-important range of 20Hz-20kHz. Outpacing efforts like KEF's Uni-Q coaxial two-way drivers, La Sphère manages to squeeze all four of its drivers, from the 22-inch woofer to the 1.2-inch tweeter, into a coaxial arrangement. We've got to respect the no-holds-barred effort to produce "the perfect full-range transducer," even if it's just an ideal; and the model pictured above seems pretty happy with the sonics. But the $140,000 per pair pricing isn't really music to our ears. Hit the link for details on all the sonic ideality you'll never hear in your home.

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