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Colleges throwing in high-def amenities to lure in millennials

Darren Murph

College ain't what it used to be, but in far too many instances, the dorm rooms provide an unwanted look at how it was many, many decades ago. In order to lure more students to campus (and prevent too many from parking their keisters in off-site apartments), a number of universities are revamping their housing facilities to cater to millennials. We've already seen the University of Houston hook one of its residence halls up with U-verse, and a recent writeup on the matter reports on the plans of a number of institutions to include HDTVs and other tech-related gear in order to warm the hearts of gadget-loving freshmen. We have to say, our minuscule dorm in the heart of Raleigh barely had room for a 19-inch CRT back in the day, but we may have chose to stick there longer than a single semester had a 42-inch flat-panel greeted us on move-in day.

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