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First Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise 'Vision Card' up for download


The festivities on Piñata Island won't get into full swing until Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise hits shelves on September 2, but that's not stopping Rare from handing out an early party favor. As we reported back in May, the game will use the Xbox Live Vision camera to "scan" physical cards – similar to Sony's Eye of Judgment – that unlock items, change the in-game weather, etc. The first of these cards is now up on MundoRare, featuring a curious critter created by VP2 designer Ray Stevenson.

Clicking on the card image above will take you to a full-sized version that can be printed out and tucked safely away until the game streets. The rest of the dev team is also crafting cards that will surely pop up online closer to launch. Speaking of making cards, you'll be able to do the same simply by snapping photos of items and piñatas in your garden via an in-game camera. They can then be emailed to friends, who can print them out and hold them up to their Vision cameras, thus completing the circle of life.

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