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Panasonic looking to grow its HD collective

Steven Kim

Panasonic has big plans to grow the current roster of 30 families in its "Living in HD" program to 60 by 2009, with plans to ultimately hit 100 (or convert everyone on the planet). The program loads up entire families with all manner of Panasonic gear, HD-Santa style and has them document the results after the initial smash-and-grab (pictured above) with Panasonic HD camcorders. Our pitchman tells us it's like a tech-laden reality show, but without that entertaining ugly competitive element; because -- you know -- when it's about HD, everyone's a winner. There's some seriously sweet gear involved in the program, including a 50-inch plasma TV, Blu-ray player, HT setup, HD camcorder and a Wii, so head on over to the program website and apply. C'mon -- we can't think of any more qualified candidates, and you know you're going to buy that gear anyways!

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