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Sing along to the Captain Rainbow theme


Because seriously, what else is there to do on a Friday evening that's more fun? Nothing, that's what. Socializing? Pah, whatever!

This theme tune and its accompanying video appeared today on the brand new official Captain Rainbow site. There's not much at the site right now, but thankfully the song is as bizarre as everything else in this barmy game, not to mention catchy and even uplifting (like all good superhero themes). Fast-forward to the 1:00 mark, and you'll get to see some in-game footage of the bespectacled Nick change into his superhero alter-ego.

Past the break, we've posted the lyrics to this, as translated by lovely YouTube user 23Makoto23, so head there to bring the house down with your caterwauling. All together now: Let fly with your yo-yo! Defeat them with your double yo-yo!

Today is another day that he pursues
The evil shadows creeping in the dark
And he keeps on fighting all to protect the peace!
Let fly with your yo-yo!
Defeat them with your double yo-yo!
Don't let them get away!
Now's the time for transformation!
The blue tights and the seven colored stripes!
Upholder of the order now
Upholder of the order forever
He will never forget the oath he has sworn!
Cast a rainbow as a sign of your victory!
The future is now!

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