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The Elves of WAR: Lore unlocks

Michael Zenke

The Tome of Knowledge is one of the most unique elements of Warhammer Online. Though it builds on the work of games like City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online (and obviously inspired similar mechanics in other games), the sense of 'completeness' the Tome offers is comprehensive. High Elves have it pretty good: they can start filling up one of the most fun parts of the Tome mere seconds after character creation.

The Compendium section is basically your sight-seeing guide to Warhammer Online. The Bestiary section tracks every kill you make, rewarding you regularly for ridding the world of everything from elves to orcs. The Notable Persons area tracks important NPCs you interact with. Though the big kahunas like the racial leaders are tracked in this area, there are numerous important background lore characters recorded here as well. Finally, the Compendium tracks History and Lore unlocks – hidden easter eggs of lore that everyone and anyone can enjoy searching out as they travel the game's chapters.

It is your first History and Lore unlock which you can accomplish mere moments after making your High Elf character.

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You'll begin the game standing next to Silvshara Greywind, a nice young Shadow Warrior with a quest for you to accomplish. She's standing next to a gorge filled with soaring harpies; beautiful environment, but not for our eyes at the moment. Turn directly away from the gorge, and move forward on the path that bends to the right. Go straight past the edge of the massive tower (looking up to see Archmage Telamir ranting from a balcony) and look to your right. There will be a small area with a pair of chairs (one knocked over) and a large book lying on a half-wall. That book is your destination.

It's your first History and Lore tome unlock! Specifically, it's a book on Eltharin: the language of the High Elves. The text in your Tome will detail a snippet of conversation about the ancient tongue, which has apparently existed "since the world was young." There are several of these in each Chapter of the game, between 5 and 15 in any single chapter. Keep your eyes out for everything from book cases to weapons – anything and everything could be a Lore unlock!

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