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The new HD downloads that're available each week

Ben Drawbaugh

With all the sources for digital downloads these days, it can be hard to keep track of what platforms have which movies. We noticed a few weeks ago that our friends over at Format War Central have taken on the tedious task of summing up all the sources of HD content each week on a single post. All the legit sources of HD downloads are included like Vudu, Xbox Live, PS3, and the Apple TV. From a purely selection standpoint -- this week at least -- it appears that while the Xbox Live Market Place has the most HD TV shows, while the Apple TV has the most HD movies (12 vs. 4) -- oddly enough though, Vudu only has one this week, but we doubt that is the norm. So if digital downloads are you thing, be sure to head on over each week to find out what's new and in HD.

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