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Salamander's Jump Seat Ottoman now available for your rumpus (room)

Steven Kim

Salamander Designs has been showing off its Jump Seat Ottoman since late last year, and now it's finally shipping. The more-than-meets-the-eye ottoman fills in for those awkward moments when you run out of seating at show- or game-time. We all know the situation -- the couch is comfortably full, the loveseat is occupied and someone's out cold in the recliner. And then someone else shows up. Those dining room chairs aren't comfy and a task chair from the office just looks ghetto. But if your space is equipped with one of these $1,000 pieces, all you have to do is flip up the top of the ottoman and a la peanut butter sandwiches, that last man scores a seat with integrated cup holder and storage. Crisis averted -- you get credit for the save and the party keeps rolling.

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