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Long Mario scarf is long


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Atlanta knitter Cassie (that'll be her boyfriend, Jason, pictured) is currently slaving away on what is likely to be the greatest scarf of all time -- a wool-based reproduction of the iconic World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

Yep, you read that right -- every jump, bush, coin, Goomba, pipe (though not the sewer sections, understandably), item box, and cloud, accurately rendered in yarn. According to the determined Cassie, the scarf is currently around one-third complete, and is already at ten feet, meaning the finished article will come in at around thirty feet in length. A scarf fit for giants! See more of this glorious work-in-progress in our gallery.

Gallery: Cassie's World 1-1 scarf | 6 Photos

[Via Geekologie]

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