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PixelJunk Monsters receiving difficulty settings with free patch


After writing an open letter explaining his fiancée's frustrations with PixelJunk Monsters' difficulty, BPPS writer Ryan Hewson received a response back from Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-Games, saying help was on the way. Cuthbert had alluded to a major PJM patch before, but now he explains some more details of what's coming to PJM and PixelJunk Eden.

The lord of PixelJunk says PJM will receive a free patch adding Trophies, along with Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert difficulties to the game. Online rankings will maintain the existing difficulty level for fairness -- which we guess is hard? Eden will also receive an expansion pack and may receive a "namby pamby mode" for a more casual experience -- we'd settle for some control mapping functions to seperate silk and jump ... not to mention mapping the instra-drop to a button instead of waggle. No dates on any of this, but we're contacting Sony about some form of ETA.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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