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PS3 release of Braid 'might happen' -WiiWare not happening

Blow explains, "I talked to some folks at Sony but they were not interested in carrying the game. Later on I talked to someone from a different division who *was* interested, but by then I had signed with Microsoft and started the XBLA port." Sounds like Sony may get a second chance of having the downloadable hit on its PSN service. In an interview with GameFocus, Braid creator Jonathan Blow says that a PlayStation 3 port "might happen in the future." He explained, "It's a limited exclusive, so if I were to try to make a PS3 or WiiWare version of the game, I would have to wait a little bit."

While Blow did not elaborate on how long the Xbox 360 timed exclusivity would last, he did reiterate that a PC release – presumably outside the limitations of any exclusivity contract – will "definitely happen this year" while a WiiWare release "is not going to happen for this game." With over 30K downloads already logged on Xbox Live Arcade, adding two additional platforms should go some way towards obviating that whole price dilemma situation.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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