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Unboxing and hands-on: Sprint's AIRAVE femtocell

Darren Murph

Sprint's AIRAVE signal booster isn't officially on sale nationwide just yet (August 17th, for those curious), but for those anxious to pull the trigger (or merely mulling the decision), we've got a few hands-on shots to whet your appetite. The Samsung-made CDMA femtocell arrived at our doorstep today, and the packaging is about what you'd expect from Sprint: yellow, a hint of white, and more yellow. The device itself isn't too unwieldy, and it's certainly on the light side. There's definitely a port for hooking up a GPS antenna to keep users from taking this abroad and dialing up internationally (understandable, but what a bummer!), and everything else is pretty much par for the course. We'll be taking this thing for a spin here in a Sprint dead zone to see if it really lives up to the hype, but until then, feel free to peruse the gallery below.

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