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Video: Bungie's acceptance video hints at next big Halo related announcement

Dustin Burg

Holy giant Bungie acceptance speech video hint at their next Halo project Cortana! Witness Bungie's latest canceled E3 announcement tease in their acceptance speech video for EDGE's Interactive Innovation award, which is similar to their Gphoria award acceptance speech but much more juicy in terms of clues regarding their next project. You'll have to watch the video for yourself to really understand what we mean, but if the Halo 3 characters making an appearance in multiplayer levels or blue wireframe environments have anything to do with it, then we're in for a super Halo surprise. Watch, analyze and tell us what secret info you can gather from the acceptance video. Oh, and "even though in Halo 3 you finished the fight, that doesn't necessarily mean that the ride is over."

[Thanks, Macedonia Mafia]

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