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Doh! Fable 2 Pub Games promo codes not working [update 2]

Dustin Burg

Update 2: All codes should be now working. Pub Games here, we come!

Major Nelson just informed us that the "codes should be working later today" and sends "apologies for the delays." Apology accepted ... this time.

Numerous reports from across the internets - including forums posts on, comments on Major Nelson's website and comments here on X3F - are telling us that the Fable 2 Pub Games free download promo codes aren't working like they should. We're hearing that the Pub Games redemption codes, which are obtained with a Fable 2 pre-order at participating retailers, are returning an "Invalid Code" error response when entered on Xbox Live. Sit tight, don't trash your promo codes just yet and be patient. We'll give you a Pub Games update when we learn more.

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