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Down with this sort of thing

Giles Turnbull

Look Dougal, we've done it!

Done what, Ted?

We're on iTunes, Dougal! In the UK store! Look at all the happy people waving at us! Wave back!

What people are you talking about, Ted?

The people out there with their Apple Macs.

It's not even raining, Ted.

Just shut up and wave, Dougal!

Are you imagining things again, Ted?

What do you mean, Dougal? When have I ever imagined things? I'm very rational, you know.

Well there was that time with that money...

It was just resting in my account, Dougal, I've told you before...

(Addendum, for the mystified: Father Ted was a hugely successful 1990s sitcom, broadcast by the UK's Channel 4, about three mad Catholic priests and their equally insane housekeeper, all living in peaceful chaos on a remote Irish island. If you've never heard of it before, just move on to the next TUAW post and pretend this one never happened. Any further questions will be answered by Father Jack: "That would be an ecumenical matter!")

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