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EA looking 'way outside the game space' with Spore


It seems Spore has a shot at the big screen. No, not that 60" LCD monitor that cost you nearly all your limbs, but that one you view in the dark with a bunch of popcorn-munching strangers. According to Reuters, EA is looking to connect upcoming everything-sim Spore with television and film, hoping that the right deal will add momentum to the game's marketing machine and boost sales.

"With Spore, we're looking way outside the game space, such as TV, movies, etc.," said the game's revered designer, Will Wright. "We're basically planting the seeds to spread Spore out to a much wider group of people than would ever play a computer game." The aggressive, multi-medium marketing is thought to be prompted by EA's last round of disappointing financial results, with the publisher chasing down audiences in a bid to regain its top publisher throne. With Will Wright's latest, sights are being set even beyond the huge popularity attained by The Sims.

"Longer term, I think the brand of Spore potentially has a wider net to cast than The Sims did," notes Wright. We also reckon Spore is the easier one to adapt into an entertaining film, what with all the kooky aliens and spaceships.

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