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Erling Ellingsen steps up to the plate on Age of Conan forums

Adrian Bott

He may not be the most popular man in Age of Conan right now, but after this, you have to accord him at least a sliver of respect. Funcom Project Manager Erling Ellingsen made a personal appearance yesterday to give some answers on a thread where the atmosphere was, frankly, extremely hostile.

The fact that after a warm-up that mentioned wanting to throw things at the screen whenever his face appeared, he began his opening comment 'My friends...' is also worthy of respect.

He went on to provide some honest answers to concerns, assuring AoC players that features that weren't in at launch will be added (with a special mention of Drunken Brawling) and pointing out that WoW didn't have anything like the amount of end level content at launch that it does now. Ymir's Pass, we learn, is 'just about done', though Ellingsen wouldn't commit to a date, for the obvious reason that he'd get 'crucified' if it wasn't met.

We were surprised to learn that the much vaunted '1500 armor sets' are apparently in the game already, just not distributed well enough. So, it's not necessarily Age of Dull Brown Leather; there is some Hyborian Prada out there, but it's not reaching people properly. Yes, this is being fixed.

The questions and answers came to an abrupt halt when the thread was locked. (The European forums are appealing for one of their own; we wish them the best of luck.) Critics will no doubt dismiss Ellingsen's appearance as just mere word-slinging, but we do think he's done the right thing in talking to the players directly, and hope he continues to do so.

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