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EVE Lead Content Creator discusses new missions

James Egan

The Empyrean Age expansion has been a significant content update to EVE Online for players interested in factional warfare. Of course, many players aren't willing to enlist in a militia and be under a constant wardec by their factional enemies, and simply prefer to mission run for their agents. CCP Games announced that new content was in the works, back in June, but the latest EVE Online Newsletter has an updated announcement on this from Lead Content Creator, Scott Holden.

CCP is getting closer to releasing new PvE mission content, Holden says, with Content Creation now based in Atlanta. This will be sped up by new staff on the Content Creation team in addition to the existing freelance writers already turning out EVE mission content. Holden says that new types of missions are coming to New Eden, and hints at 'epic mission arcs'.

"Missions in EVE have traditionally been pretty simple things, basically asking the player to go kill some NPCs or to fetch something and move it from one station to another. We have lots of great plans in the pipeline for new kinds of missions, though. Expect to see 'epic mission arcs' possibly this winter -- possibly -- and many other new completion triggers and mission objectives starting to show up around the same time. As you might expect, we're all pretty jazzed about the whole thing," Holden says.

No details have been released about whether pirate faction missions are being added or enhanced, but if previous commentary from CCP still holds true, hundreds of new missions are on the way, for standard mission runners and militia pilots alike.

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