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Man named Wii shares his tale


Even though MTV's story about New Yorker Wii Yatani will no doubt illicit numerous "lol, slow news day?" replies from hilarious internet japesters, we found it to be quite novel.

Judging by his interview, Wii endured the same two problems that originally faced Nintendo's console when it was renamed: either people didn't know how to pronounce his name correctly, or they concocted the kind of puns about urine that should carry the death penalty (we're deadly serious).

In the end, though, it all worked out. Nintendo coincidentally named its awesome console after Yatani, who promptly offered to become a spokesperson for the company (an offer that was declined), and who now has to endure a raft of new jokes from his friends. Jokes such as: "Oh, Wii, are you going to go home to play with yourself?"

You probably had to be there.

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