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Shaw Cable launches The Frame HD channel: high-def art, all the time

Darren Murph

Apparently this whole "showing off HD art on the HDTV" fad is quite popular. Not only are certain HDTV manufacturers partnering with content providers, Canada's Shaw Cable is actually launching a 24/7 channel that broadcasts high-def art around the clock to entertain guests and show off just how pixelated pay-TV can be. The commercial free station, dubbed The Frame, essentially converts your set into an HD canvas that shows off art from Canada Collects, Animal Kingdom, Water World, Birds of a Feather, The Seven Seas, Canadian Horizons, City Lights, Sands of Time, Gardens of Delight, and many others. The galleries rotate every half hour and the images change every 30 seconds. As of now, the station is on slot 225 in Calgary, while the carrier intends to roll it out in more markets by September.

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