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The Daily Grind: The Federation or the Klingons?

Samuel Axon

Star Trek Online details have been flooding in since the Las Vegas announcement. Everyone who's interested has his or her favorite bit of info about the game, but hardcore Trek fans might make the case that the biggest news is that the two factions in the game will be the Federation and the Klingons. After a century of (only occasionally broken) peace, the two old enemies are clashing once again!

Turns out the first choice you'll make as a new player will be choosing between the two factions. So which one will you choose? Will you join the United Federation of Planets, an idealistic democracy and diverse coalition of races that Roddenberry based on the (perhaps unreal) American ideal? Or will you take the path of Awesome™ and choose the Klingon Empire, a battle-crazed, feudalistic warrior culture dedicated to honorable bloodshed?

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