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The Elves of WAR: Your very first Dark Elf quest

Kyle Horner

So what's the very first thing you do when you log into Warhammer Online as a Dark Elf? You accept the quest "Blood Feud" and get right to the High Elf killing, of course. Surrounded by the towering ebony ships known as Black Arks, the very first thing you see is a Dark Elf man. He has light purple skin, is wrapped in red robes and metal bracing and his name is Gorthan Rakar. He has a job for you:

"Thousands of years have pased since our treacherous kin, the so-called High Elves, betrayed us by choosing the follow the pretender king, and used their vile magics to sunder our lands. So long have we waited for our revenge, and today, with the strength of the Black Ark behind us, we will have it!"

After reading these words, you turn around and see before you a wide breadth of beach covered in NPC Corsairs fighting Sea Guards. It is up to you to aid in the slaughter for if not you, who else?

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