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Willcom's D4 gets reviewed


Jenn from Pocketables has gotten her hands on the diminutive Willcom D4 and given it an ultra-thorough review -- and we've got the details. While she praises the general speed of the device, screen resolution and brightness, and comfort of holding the D4, her reactions to the touchpad and keyboard are less than enthusiastic. Adding insult to apparent injury, it seems that the battery life leaves quite a bit to be desired (unless you're employing the extended battery pack), the video playback is choppy with most codecs, and the non-standard headphone jack is deeply, deeply annoying. The conclusion? Willcom's miniature needs "Help to achieve its potential," which is probably not what most potential buyers of the $1500 device want to hear. Of course, you should explore the whole review -- and its handsome photos -- so hit the read link for more.

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