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Breakfast Topic: WoW dreams

Zach Yonzon

Have you ever had those gaming dreams? Like, say, after playing Tetris for four hours straight, your dreams become inundated with big, floaty boxes? We've actually asked this before, but since it's a Breakfast Topic, you just might have some dream fresh in your noggin. My wife's actually had a couple of bizarre World of Warcraft dreams, such as that time where she dreamed she was raiding in RL, with giant Playstation-like controllers attached to her arms and where she (along with friends) ran up and down our main street fighting some Level ?? house-boss.

Doesn't make any sense? Of course not! It's a dream about WoW! I've had more than my fair share of Salvador Dali-esque Battlegrounds-related dreams, specially after grinding endless hours. So, good morning! How was your dream? More to the point, how was your World of Warcraft dream?

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