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Castle Crashers set at 1200MS Points

When potential prices leaked from the official Xbox Japan blog, gamers feared the possibility of paying over $20 for Castle Crashers on the XBLA. While Microsoft strongly denied the controversial pricing of both Braid and Castle Crashers the former ended up releasing for the leaked price of 1200MS Points. Today, Xbox owners waiting for the sky to cave in on them when Castle Crashers was officially priced are breathing a sigh of relief.

On its official blog developer The Behemoth has confirmed that Castle Crashers will ask 1200MS Points when it releases on Wednesday, August 27 -- rather than the rumored 1800MS Points. Arguably the most anticipated Arcade release this summer, Castle Crashers promises a classic single player and co-op beat-em-up experience wrapped in The Behemoth's classic art style. We're excited and for 1200MS Points we think the game has the potential to set the XBLA world on fire.

Note: Obviously, the time shown in the image of this post is off.

[Thanks, Menno B.]

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