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Cheaper, sleeker, just as pointless: the latest portable Wii screen


Portable screens for home consoles, we will never understand you. Playing Wii Sports in the car? Did nobody learn anything about the serious dangers of bowling in confined spaces from the Japanese Wii safety manual? And all on a tinier screen than you'd ever use at home?

Clearly, not everybody is so indifferent. This clip-on LCD 16:9 panel from Thinkgeek isn't the first of its kind, and we're willing to bet it won't be the last. It's an eye-straining seven inches from corner to corner, but at $109.99 is the cheapest option we've seen to date for those who can't bear to leave their console behind when they step outdoors. $109.99? Hey, what else can you buy for almost that amount? Oh, yes. More shots past the break.

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