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DirecTV delivers 31 new HD channels -- kind of

Ben Drawbaugh

When DirecTV recently promised it'd have 130 HD channels on August 14th, we have to say this isn't exactly what we had in mind. What we expected was 31 new HD channels that would match the lineup that Dish recently revealed, but what we got was 4 real HD channels (Planet Green HD, ABC Family, Showtime Showcase HD, Showtime Extreme HD), 12 HD regional sports networks and 18 HD PPV channels. Sure, technically this is 31 new HD channels, but what about; Travel Channel HD, Outdoor Channel 2 HD, a whole slew of HBO and Cinemax HD channels, and finally all the Starz and Encore channels? According to DirecTV, all the HD PPV channels are simply place holders until the rest are brought online, but even with that excuse, this is just yet another reason why we take DirecTV's press releases with a grain of salt.

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