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Overlord moving his minions over to Wii


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Remember that PS3 and Xbox 360 game Overlord? No? Well, you aren't alone (it was kind of like Pikmin, only less good), but Codemasters has decided to bring the IP over to Wii anyway. Thankfully, though, they're building a new title from the ground up.

Development for the new game, titled Overlord: Dark Legend, will be handled by Climax Studios. They're aiming for a 2009 release, and the producer of the game, Dean Scott, assures that this is "an all new game, designed especially for Wii," with a "new story, new characters," and "new gameplay." Based on his brief chat with IGN, it sounds like a majority of the game will be a pointer-based affair, with gamers using the Wiimote's IR sensor to direct their horde of minions. And what about those minions?

"It's the same four minion types, but we've given them new abilities," said Scott. "Some of these may be themed around bodily functions that childish folk like us find hilarious."

Be sure to check out first screens from the upcoming game in our gallery below!


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