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Rumor: Rock Band 2 bundle delayed into October

Dustin Burg

ShackNews has an interesting rumor regarding the release of Rock Band 2 and its timed exclusivity on the Xbox 360. They're reporting that the Rock Band 2 Special Edition bundle (the "big box" which includes all the instruments) has been delayed by a month and will release on October 19th while the stand alone game will make it into retailers, as promised, on September 14th. Their proof? Both the official Rock Band store and other online retailers list the 360 Special Edition bundle's release date for October 17 which is coincidentally the release date for the PS3 and Wii versions. If true, this will make for a tough Rock Band 2 purchasing decision. Buy the game itself in September or wait an entire month to get the $199 bundle ... decisions, decisions.

[Via Engadget, Thanks jimb]

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