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Wii Transfer updated for Mii capture


Making cartoon avatars of yourself is hard work, and nobody wants to redo all that tweaking when you've got a perfectly good doppelganger sitting right there on your Wii console... with no good way to get it off the TV and onto your Mac. What a drag! Good thing there's the new version 2.6 of Wii Transfer, the Swiss Army Knife of Mac-Wii connection tools, to the rescue.

Aside from the headline feature of copying your Miis to your Mac as JPEG images (which requires a bit of fancy dancing with Bluetooth and the Wii controller, but it's doable), the new version adds support for most popular movie formats, improved movie playback with random timeline access, selection of specific iTunes playlists for streaming access, and more. For $19, you can get a long way towards turning your Wii into a low-budget Apple TV.

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