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Sprint unleashes individual app updates for Instinct

Chris Ziegler

Looks like that promised big-ass update for the Instinct has started to materialize -- but wait, there's a catch: it's going down piecemeal. Rather than receiving updates for a bunch of the Instinct's core components at once, app updates are being delivered in nice little bite-sized chunks because each app is individually "updated by the vendor, and the vendors set their own schedules," according to Sprint. By the time all is said and done, virtually everything on the phone will have been refreshed in one fashion or another; if you want to get into the nitty gritty, it looks like Picture Mail, the browser, YouTube, Sprint TV and Radio, Navigation, Email, the Music Store, and Visual Voicemail (among others) are all getting some love in this round. Many modern phones support OTA updates, but very few ever have the good fortune of getting bugs fixed and features added -- carriers are too busy turning their attention to the next great thing to bother sprucing up their existing lineups -- so it's refreshing to see Sprint seemingly putting some serious effort into getting the Instinct right. Keep it up, guys.

[Via Everything Samsung Instinct]

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