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Tabula Rasa Deployment 11 releases early

Shawn Schuster

A full week earlier than planned, Tabula Rasa's Deployment 11 has just hit the live servers, bringing with it the changes with the Bootcamp tutorial area and much more. With this comes the inevitable introduction of Deployment 12 to the Public Test Server very soon. Deployment 12 will bring a few more welcome additions to the TR world. First we have two new weapons: the Series 2 Physical Chaingun and the Series 2 Laser Pistol. Plus, there will be some improvements made to the pets and their AI. Each Bot, Clone and Spotter will automatically be set to follow, guard and assist the player above all else. Finally, the training menus have been completely revamped to better show the proper information for complete career planning.

Now, if you're a former player and find any of these new features enticing, you may also be pleased to hear that NCsoft has opened up a free trial period for anyone who has previously had an account with Tabula Rasa. Check out their reactivation page for more info.

[Thanks Jack!]

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