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Four Champions Online gameplay videos surface

Kyle Horner

Fans of Champions Online are getting their first hands-on time with the game at GenCon Indy this year. The superhero MMO is finally being shown openly to the public, which means a fan by the name of ikky68 was able to take plenty of gameplay footage without being melted holy grail-style by Jack Emmert's laser eyes. There are four videos in total and they're each anywhere between two to five minutes long, so we hope you've got a little time to kill. Each of the videos features a different person playing a different character, which means a good amount of variety to each play-through of the demo Cryptic is showing off this weekend.

We have to say, the game is looking pretty good -- even through shaky-cam goggles. We loved being able to finally seeing the Snake Gulch robotic cowboy mobs that the players are pummeling. Thankfully, it's very apparent that Cryptic's style of slightly tongue-in-cheek enemy design is fully intact. There's just something about that little bit of cheese that makes our superhero weekend excursions all the more enjoyable. Check out all four videos below the cut!

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