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Verizon and the NFL get serious about interactive television

Ben Drawbaugh

When the dream of interactive television was sold to us, it was envisioned that it would be in the form of something on the TV, but honestly we really like HD video on our TV set and definitely don't want some generic looking graphics gumming it up. Luckily the trends have been more up our alley and fit perfect into our lifestyle -- which is having a coffee tables laptop instead of some cheesy book. In order to access the new features like; multiple camera angles (or all four at the same time), live chat room, on demand replays, and the usual live stats and drive charts, during games on the NFL Network, you'll need to be a Verizon customer (Internet, TV, or DirecTV via Vz). So even if the Pats v' Bucs match up wasn't enough to draw you in this Sunday, these new features alone may make it worth your while to check out.

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