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In Memoriam: Laura "Taera" Genender of CCP Games

James Egan

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A sad announcement was made last night by CCP Games, that EVE Online's Associate Community Manager has passed away. Laura "Taera" Genender was one of the newest faces at CCP Games, and was well-known for her work over the years at The loss of this respected member of the gaming community is best summed up by someone who knew her; CCP Wrangler had the sobering task of informing EVE players of her passing:

"It is with the deepest sorrow that we share with you the news about the passing of Associate Community Manager Laura "Taera" Genender. Although she was with us only for a short time, she connected with our community through her selfless grace and enthusiasm. Even before she joined our team, her professionalism at elevated the state of our industry and made us all stronger because of it. Our thoughts and our hearts are with her family. Though you may not have ever had the pleasure of meeting her, we ask that you include them in your thoughts as well."

Laura Genender had only been with CCP Games for a short time, building on an established reputation as a game journalist and community manager. Massively extends its condolences to Laura's family and friends.

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