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Recently revived KORE makes its 'krazy' video debut

We initially dismissed Zoink and SnapDragon Games' KORE when it popped back into the news a few months ago -- after all, how good could a game that was initially designed for the original Xbox, cancelled, then revived for the Wii possibly be? Our hopes for the title were admittedly low -- however, a pair of videos for the redesigned platformer, including the trailer above and an 11-minute gameplay montage (embedded after the break), recently made their way onto GameTrailers ... and into our hearts.

Okay, we're still not entirely sold on KORE quite yet, but the robo-platforming and Psychonauts-esque visuals are more than enough to pique our collective interest. We'll be keeping an eye on the resuscitated title as its ambitious developers continue revamping it -- we just hope they kan limit the inkorrekt usage of the letter K. It upsets the English majors among us.

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