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WoW Moviewatch: Cooking with Ethnea, Episode 1

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If you're a fan of Well Fed Buff, you'll enjoy the first episode of Cooking with Ethnea. I dug into the reader submissions to bring you an unpolished video with a lot of potential. Adreena, an aspiring machinimator, decided that she wanted to humorously visualize recipes instead of just read about them. Now I have to warn you, this machinima is really rough around the edges, but I love the concept. That's why I'm going to offer up some tips for her to use in her second episode.

The most glaring mistake comes from improperly chroma keying the WoW Model Viewed character. The timing is off, so there is a noticeable difference between when Ethnea and the background appear. She also didn't adjust the high and low thresholds for her character, which is causing transparency issues. If you're just going to use still shots of your character in a picture of a background, you may as well put your character in the picture itself by using a photo editing program.

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In addition, the background is too real, so it's a bit offputting. If you're going for a kitchen set that you can interact with, I would suggest using a program like iClone or Second Life, where you can customize everything, including food, completely. The action gets a bit repetitive as well, but it could be because there's not much to do (yet) in the kitchen.

Machinima can be difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing. As she produces further episodes, her work will only get better. With endorsements from The Spark and Geek Media, Adreena is already off to a great start, though!

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