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DC Universe Online interview with Executive Producer John Blakely

James Egan

Sony Online Entertainment's (SOE) upcoming MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO) was well-received at Comic-Con '08 and has the potential of connecting with gamers and comic fans on a whole new level -- allowing them to play alongside the heroes they grew up with in comic books and cartoons. Christian Donlan from Eurogamer has an interview with John Blakely, VP of Development at SOE Austin and Executive Producer of DCUO, from the 2008 Fan Faire in Las Vegas.

Eurogamer spoke with Blakely about keeping underperforming titles alive, remaining flexible in terms of DC Universe Online's vision vs. its evolution over time, and the fan reception to DCUO at Comic-Con '08. The interview touches on the choice to bar gamers from playing established heroes in the DC Universe like Batman and DCUO's payment model as well.

Blakely also talks about SOE's prominence 'at the top' in the MMO industry being displaced by World of Warcraft. "It makes us hungrier. Because we were on the top and now we're not, it humbles you and makes you ask yourself questions and challenge assumptions... Culturally, it's definitely changed us. It makes us more aggressive and forces us to innovate," he says. Have a look at Eurogamer's interview with John Blakely, and see how SOE is channeling this 'hunger' towards making DC Universe Online, and what opportunities they see beyond the fantasy MMO genre.

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