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This Wednesday: Galaga Legions invades XBLA


Caution: Do not look directly at the above screenshot. Doing so will result in your eyes melting. If you're still able to read this, it means that A) you don't just come to Joystiq to look at all the pretty pictures and B) you're also a good listener. Congratulations!

It also means that you'll still be able to play the latest "Summer of Arcade" release, Galaga Legions, this Wednesday – provided you remember to wear welding goggles while doing so. This re-imagining of the classic coin-op shooter is the work of the same Namco-Bandai dev team responsible for Pac-Man Championship Edition, hence the hella-rad-neon-raver shader being employed. The full game will set you back 800 ($10). The requisite googles can be had for $11.99 from Amazon.

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