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Warhammer Online NA open beta begins September 7th

Kyle Horner

Oi you lazy gits, listen 'ere or we'll beat you up good! Warhamma Online 'as got an official North American open beta date an' it's Septemba 7f!

Oh, excuse us, we must have had some kind of green- thing, in our throats. So anyhow, everyone who pre-orders the game (at select retail partners, of course) will get to play free of charge for just over one week until the game launches on September 16th. Also, all testers in the closed beta will automatically receive open beta access, too. What's interesting is that there is no mention of the open beta rank 20 level cap spoken of on the official pre-order page. It's probably just happenstance, but the omission is a bit odd.

If you're just too impatient and want to know everything that can be known about Warhammer Online as soon as possible, then check out our pre-NDA lift coverage of the Dark Elf and High Elf content, tiers one and two. Also, watch out for full coverage of every race and more from Massively as soon as the NDA is fully lifted.

[via Press Release]

[Update] Added source and updated post to reflect information on the official pre-order page

[Update 2] There appears to be an official open beta website, but it's currently down.

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