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Casio introduces PCP-1200 and PCP-250 touchscreen photo printers with flip-down keyboards

Nilay Patel

Photo printers don't really do it for us, but Casio's two newest models pack in enough bells and whistles to make us at least pay attention, if not actually print out photos -- the PCP-1200 (pictured) and PCP-250 both feature fold-down keyboards for titling, print 2400 x 1200 dpi res on up to A6-size paper, take virtually every memory card format you can throw at them, and allow you to draw on the images using a stylus. The 1200 sports a 7-inch screen, while the 250 gets a portrait-oriented 3.5-inch display -- yeah, we'd actually be totally into these if they were coming to the States and had pricing info. Oh well.

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