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Jellyvision getting back into the games biz

Justin McElroy

We couldn't be more excited about this news, so brace yourself: Jellyvision, creators of the You Don't Know Jack series, are coming back to the games business. As new head of Jellyvision Games Mike Bilder said in a recent release, the company's mission is now to "build huge new brands that run on every platform that makes sense -- the three consoles, PC, mobile, handheld, coin-op, Vegas. And, of course, we're going to start by truly reincarnating You Don't Know Jack."

We're giddy at the thought of games that, as company CEO Harry Gottlieb said, "combine the social dynamics created by great board games, with the thrill and story arc of great television game shows." But ... and we almost hate to say it out loud ... could this also mean that an English Seaman 2 might be just a little more plausible?

(P.S. If you want to warm up on some Jack right now, you totally can.)

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