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Analyst takes new line with Motorola after decent quarter

Chris Ziegler

It's amazing the kinds of neat things that can happen once you manage to turn lemons into even just a drop or two of bittersweet lemonade. Take Motorola, for example: a manufacturer that's fallen on hard times by even the loosest definitions manages to turn a sliver of profit for itself, and boom, suddenly you've got yourself a shiny new CEO and a smiling analyst or two. Jim Suva of Citi Investments seems to be going to bat for Moto at a time when everyone was just about ready to abandon ship, saying that the most recent earnings announcement represented the "early innings a gradual steady improvement", expressing confidence that new CEO Jha's hiring was a good thing, and hooking up the company's stock with a "buy" rating. 'Round here, we judge a company's success mainly by the greatness of its hardware, but you need solid financials to fund the R&D to make said hardware happen -- so we suppose this really could be a solid start to a genuine turnaround.

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