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Around Azeroth: Northrend awaits!


Just another beta screenshot, you say? Fools! This screenshot is actually from the end of Naxxramas -- it's apparently the portal to Northrend that the Icecrown Guardians flee through after you beat Kel'Thuzad into the ground. Considering the percentage of current players who have killed KT, I won't be surprised if very few people recognize this. Heck, my guild fell apart at C'thun.

We'll all get to see Naxxramas in the expansion, but three guilds on The Sha'tar-EU -- Athanatoi, Dark Glare, and A Perfect Circle -- decided that they couldn't wait. They combined forces to get a bunch of players attuned for Naxxramas and then stormed the place, scoring a server first kill of Kel'Thuzad just a few weeks ago. Senya of <Athanatoi> snapped this shot of the victorious raid staring into the portal, no doubt proud of their still-rare accompishment.

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