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BenQ debuts high-contrast 22-, 24-inch LCD monitors


BenQ just let loose a pair of 16:9 LCDs earlier this month, but it looks like it's intent on keeping all its widescreen aspect ratio bases covered, with it now trotting out two new, more conventional 16:10 models. Those include the 22-inch G2200WT and 24-inch G2400WT, which boast 2,500:1 and 4,000:1 contrast ratios, respectively, along with both DVI and VGA ports. The 24-incher also takes things one step further with an HDMI input, as well as a headphone jack to take advantage of the audio pass through. No word on a release 'round these parts, unfortunately, but those in the UK can apparently grab 'em this month for £180 and £318, or roughly $334 and $590.

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