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Integra's DTR-6.9 AV receiver carries THX Select2 Plus badge, $1k price

Steven Kim

Besting its DTR-5.9 sibling, the new DTR-6.9 AV receiver from Integra has earned itself the THX Select2 Plus certification. In fact, it's the first Integra model to meet that spec, which among other things means that the DTR-6.9 packs THX Loudness Plus wizardry for those of us who value our hearing and don't listen at reference levels all the time. As you'd expect from the Onkyo roots, the feature set is solid: 7x100-Watts, four HDMI 1.3a inputs, Faroudja scaling, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA and Audyssey MultiEQ. And because it's an Integra, you also know that custom installers get some niceties as well: multizone audio that can tap into a pair of the 7-channel amplifier section, 12-volt triggers and remote control via ethernet, RS-232 and HDMI. All in all, a nice tidy package for $1,000.

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